Du har alle runene inne i deg
Legg de rundt deg symbolsk
Du trenger de ikke
Du trenger ingenting
Du har alt du trenger
Til enhver tid
Inne i deg

Ihwaz Rune Meaning

Pronunciation: Eye – warz
Key concepts: magic, deflection, foresight, endurance and perseverance, transformation, the mysteries of death and new beginnings
English Corresponding Letter: Y


Although several runes are associated with a yew tree there is only one with a name that in translation means the tree of life and death – yew tree. That’s Ihwaz – the 13th rune, the symbol of rune magick itself, transformation, endurance and change. It also draws the attention to death mysteries, unity between worlds up and below, longevity and moving towards enlightenment.

About Ihwaz (Eihwaz, Eihwas, Ihwar, Ihwas, Iwar, Iwaz)

Ihwaz is the rune of all 4 elements – Air, Water, Earth and Fire. It has a male polarity and it is associated with Scorpio zodiac sign, topaz stone, yew tree, lilac and mandrake plants, and snake – a symbol of death and awakening consciousness. It tells about the nature of transformation and death, about the importance of effort and patience. It also reminds to let go of the past and embrace the new, because the only persistent force in this world is change – it’s happening all the time, nothing stays the same forever, so, when you accept it, you can walk towards future without struggle. Effort and patience are the forces that ensure perseverance and allow creating the desired change. Ihwaz symbolizes the power of change within you – it’s there, it’s strong and you can deflect it any direction you want. It also reflects the unity between the underworld and upperworld, communication with spirits and strengthening spiritual development.


Ihwaz Rune Meaning in Divination

In divination Ihwaz indicates that you have what you need to make the change you want – your defense is strong, you can direct the energy the desired direction and endure whatever is happening to you now. It also points to the need for breaking the rhythm of current events or your life patterns to experience new heights.

Meaning in Career or Prosperity goals:

Accept that transformation is happening all the time. Transformation in your work, business or career life is happening right now as well, and you hold the power to deflect the energy of changing in any direction you want. Ihwaz also tells that if you feel your previous efforts haven’t been successful, you should consider changing your patterns of working. You might need to consider a fresh, new approach – learn from the old ways and knowledge, but don’t hold to it in a manner that blocks your potential and limits your options. To reach something new, you have to leave behind the old.

Meaning in Love:

Don’t underestimate the power of effort, embrace yourself with patience, acknowledge your own power to change your relationships or relationship status and follow your path. It’s all about your ability to deflect your energy in the desired direction. Patience leads to endurance, efforts create transformations, but if you feel that something has to end – let it go. Don’t fear of leaving unfulfilling relationships that are emotionally suffocating you. Involving into unhealthy relationships you are just giving your power away. If you can’t change the relationships with your efforts, let the old go to experience transformation for better. Ihwaz is all for new beginnings and rebirth.

Meaning in Health:

Let go of your old, health-harming habits and patterns of acting, and you will experience the transformation. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your health is, you are the only one responsible for it and you are the only one who can focus on defects or improvements. You can complain about your health and deflect all of your energy into that, but through efforts and focusing on improvements you can also send the transforming energy where it’s the most needed to improve your wellbeing. As the rune associated with death it doesn’t necessarily predict the death, but encourages living health-conscious life free of fear of death. It eventually happens to all of us and fear of it isn’t helping to live the life to the fullest. Ihwaz can indicate the need for healing your energy.

Meaning in Spirituality:

Ihwaz in divination is a sign of movement towards enlightenment. It asks to acknowledge your ability to direct the energy where it’s needed and invites to learn about and work with mythological and spiritual worlds behind the visible reality. It reminds that the physical and mental freedom is reached through accepting the death, and might point to successful communication between those different levels of reality.

Ihwaz reversed:

Ihwaz has no reverse position.

Ihwaz Rune Magickal Uses

This rune can be used in magick to strengthen your ability to deflect your energy into transforming or reversing specific situations and encouraging changes. It also can aid in communication with the worlds of spirits, strengthening your defense in the court and boosting your spiritual development.

You can use this rune in your life to

  • Manifest transformation
  • Boost your spiritual endurance
  • Ensure strong defense
  • Find your power to change the current situation
  • Reverse the situation
  • Strengthen your communication with the spiritual world
  • Overcome fear of death
  • Understand and accept the mysteries of death

You can work with Ihwaz in many different ways:

  • Visualize it in meditation to realize the strength of your own energy, support the transformation and spiritual development.
  • Place it on the altar or carve it on candles used in magickal rituals that are performed to bring the change or communicate with spirits.
  • Use it as your talisman when you need defense and endurance.
  •  Work with Ihwaz to promote healing and let go of the old patterns that no longer serve you in a positive manner.


Overcoming fear of death
Spiritual development and defense Developing spiritual vision and foresight ability
Communication with spiritual worlds
Blessings for transformation and new beginnings